Don’t Be So Afraid to Copy

A Chicago-based musician I had never met emailed me out of the blue last week. He had come across my website and wanted to know if I would share the name of my web designer with him.  He wanted to use the same template for his website.

Did I send him the information? Of course. But why? Aren’t I afraid of having someone else out there who is doing the same thing as I am using the same website? Not at all.

I guarantee you that, once he builds his website, you won’t know where he got it from. Once he adds his content and energy to it, it will feel like him, not me. 

Before I shot my last music video, I had my camera operator study a music video that I admire. Although in many ways we copied that video, the energy of my video is completely different.  I don’t think it would ever occur to anybody who has seen both videos that they are in any way related.

So, that’s one way to make art: admire, copy, make it your own.

Don’t be afraid to co-opt.

Head Shot Lo ResJulie Geller is a singer/songwriter who is saving the world one song at a time by writing original, uplifting, positive music in English and Hebrew. You can watch her latest videos here. Sign up for free monthly music at


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