Are You a Parent to Small Children? Take This Quiz to Find Out.

It’s birthday week in our home. Last week, in honor of my son’s special day, I posted“Mommy and Musician: Eleven Creative Parenting Tips.” Today, in honor of my daughter’s seventh birthday, I’m posting this quiz (seven questions!) on the lighter side. Take it and find out of you’re a parent (you know, just to make sure).

1. Is There Something Strange Growing on Your Kitchen Window Ledge?
Our window ledge is never boring.  Right now, there is something growing involving chia seeds and panty hose. I’m not sure which of my children brought this home or why.


2. Are There Homemade Signs All Over Your House?
Here’s just one example from our house: a Do Not Enter sign written on and affixed to our bedroom door with a panty liner. 


3. Does Your Bread Looks Like This?
The adults in this house just can’t eat these end pieces fast enough!

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 11.54.31 AM

4. Is There A Never-Ending Pile of Laundry Somewhere in Your Home?
We keep ours on the dining room table and move it upstairs when we have “company” over. Mornings you can find lots of half-dressed people running around. 


5. Do You Have These? Everywhere?
A few years ago it was bracelets for causes. Then those weird little shapes. Now these. Whatever the next thing will be, rest assured that it will be cheap, small, and everywhere. 


6. Does Your Pre-Kids Sanctuary of Water and Scented Candles Look Like This?
But don’t worry because no one ever uses the kids’ tub.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 12.03.28 PM

And finally…

7. Is There a Small Person Sleeping Sideway in Your Bed?  


If you answered yes to most or all of these, then congratulations – you’re a parent! Enjoy it while it lasts because it goes by quickly. Have some of your own to share? Post a photo on my Facebook page!


Julie Geller is a singer/songwriter based in Denver, CO. She is saving the world one song at a time by writing original, uplifting, positive music in English and Hebrew. Sign up for free monthly music at

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