Doing What You Love and Rejection


I think most people don’t do what they love out of fear.  Yes, it’s safer to be a cog in someone else’s machine than to tune in to your deepest hopes and desires and bring those to fruition. I cannot argue with that even for a second. 

If you want safety, stay a cog. 

My passion is writing and sharing original music. Sometimes my songs are funny, sometimes they’re serious. Some are in English; others are in Hebrew.  But they all cut to the core of who I am and how I feel about being alive. 

As a singer/songwriter, I experience more rejection in one week than that guy who is working at a job he hates because he is too afraid to go after what he loves experiences all year. Or maybe in his lifetime.  I am constantly contacting people to book gigs, many of which do not come to fruition. I have applied for many grants and fellowships that I have not received, people give my YouTube videos thumbs down, I’ve gotten bad reviews in newspapers, and I‘ve even had my Facebook page hijacked by high school students I don’t know who decided that they didn’t like me.  Not to mention the scores of people who are just plain uninterested in my music.  

But, you know what? I’ve come to accept all of this because, at the end of the day, I get to do what I love.  Every day. It seems to me that having to deal with people who don’t like what I do or don’t care about it one way or another is a small price to pay for getting to actually do it. 

This week, I released a new video called, I’m Camping Out at Trader Joe’s. It’s just plain silly and fun and expresses what so many of us in Denver feel – this town is great but we REALLY want to have Trader Joe’s. The response I have gotten has been overwhelming – people have been posting and enjoying it. My video even made it ontoDaybreak, a local news program, the day after it was released. 

But, if you google “I’m Camping Out at Trader Joe’s,” this is what you will find: 


There seems to be one guy out there who hates this video and he seems to have some sort of  blog or newspaper that has a Denver edition. And a San Francisco edition. And a Philly edition. And he’s made sure to bash my video in each of them. And on Twitter. And probably in lots of other places as well.

But guess what? I don’t care. It just makes me feel more resolved in the path I’ve created for myself.  Because, at the end of the day, we each have to ask ourselves who we’re choosing to be: the one who follows her dream and makes it a reality, or the guy who sits safely on the sidelines bashing those of us who are in the game day in and day out, working our tails off, taking risks, and bringing new ideas to fruition. 

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