A Little Bit of Kindness Zappos a Long Way


I’ve been sitting on a pile of returns to www.Zappos.com – and looking at the boxes cluttering my office – for months now because I had to return 11 items from different orders. I kind of got overwhelmed. I finally called them this morning to see if they could help me with the process and the woman on the line said, “It’s OK, just do them one at a time. Call us if you need help.” So, she didn’t end up doing much on the practical end but she did give me just what I needed:

1) A reminder that it’s not a big deal. Just get started.
2) A feeling like I wasn’t alone in the world.

And guess what? I packed it all up in about five minutes. Sometimes it just takes some kind words to help someone through the day.

What are the kindest words anyone ever said to you? Please let me know in the comments below.

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