My music = Hope, Holstee = Community

As a singer/songwriter, I share my music with people. So, on the most basic level, I share songs. But my goal for what I do is so much larger than that.  I aim to lighten your load. There’s tons to be depressed about, but come to one of my shows and you will leave feeling refreshed and energized.

Today I was fortunate to play a lunchtime concert at Holstee Headquarters in Brooklyn, NY.  This is a great company that has been taking the world by storm.  At Holstee, they create beautiful products such as shirts, wallets and cards, many of which are upcycled and sustainably produced.  But I love them because, just like my music is about more than the songs, their products are about more than the goods.  In their words, they:

“design, curate and collaborate to produce the highest quality goods for mindful         consumers and citizens of this world… Thanks for pushing us to be better and for inspiring   us with your mutual desire for conscious change. We are convinced that together we can leave this planet better than we found it.”

And these guys are really like that – just genuinely wonderful, kind people. Check out these pics from their bathroom:


…and this…


What a pleasure it was to spend time there because, in the way that my songs = hope, Holstee products = community.  One member of their team, Vincent, even prepared a delicious (vegetarian!) lunch for all of us to enjoy (every Thursday it’s someone else’s turn).

So, how did I get connected to these guys? Through the Holstee Manifesto. And, here’s my take on it sung today at Holstee.

Enjoy, and check these guys out!

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