If Pentatonix Can Keep Improving Then So Can You

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My family and I only have one television show that we watch together and that’s The Sing-Off (yes, it was cancelled last year but it’s been renewed for next season!). My husband, my 10 year-old son and I all became huge fans of the season three winners, Pentatonix. They are a vocal group comprised of three stellar singers, an out-of-this world vocal bassist and ridiculously talented beat boxer (and cellist!). They were far and away the best group that has ever appeared on the show and have risen the bar of a capella music to new heights.  We can’t even wait to see how groups are going to build upon their vocal prowess next season.

Pentatonix puts out lots of videos of cover songs and I generally watch them. It’s usually nothing too fancy – the five of them in a room singing a song. This week they released their cover of Justin Timberlake’s “Pusher Love Girl.” Check it out:

Of course, I started browsing through their YouTube channel  and I came across their cover of Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger” from last January.  Here it is:

What I loved about watching these back to back is the contrast in terms of the production values of the two videos. The new video isn’t fancy, but it’s easier on the eyes and more fun to watch. It’s much better done than the earlier one. Yet another example of just start – yes, even very publicly – and you’ll get better over time. Remember, you can’t get better if you don’t start somewhere.  Anywhere.

Seth Godin says it right in The Icarus Deception: “You don’t need a guru; you need experience, the best kind of experience, the experience of repeated failure.”

Happy starting!

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